LED UV Units

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The UV-LED technology is based on light-emitting diode as a source of UV radiation for coluring.

This is a process of instant polymerization of the link with 385 mm wave-length.

UV-LED technology provides perfect adhesion to different both roll-fed rigid materials.

100% environmentally friendly technology! No ozone emissions!

Printed images are totally eco-friendly and can be used everywhere, even at home without being under apprehension.

385mm LED curing offers some distinct advantages over the lamp systems:

It’s safe and reliable. UV-LED provides curing without heat and ozone release. Unlike UV-lamps LED doesn’t contain mercury. There is no need to provide extra protection for equipment and personnel, or to use powerful, expensive ventilation systems.

Wide range of materials can be used. The “cold” LED light allows direct printing onto media which previously couldn’t be used. Such as thin films and other non heat-resistant materials. It will not warp or melt or otherwise deform expensive media.

It is easy and cheap to use. Our high quality company produced custom 385 mm UV-LED unit is ready to run almost straight after switching on. There is no need to regularly replace LED units- they’re good more than 40,000 hours, but the life of UV lamps is only 3 – 6 months, so the profit generated in these machines have to be spend for replacing the UV Lamps.

Power consumption by LED is low-so it is possible to save money from less electricity bills.

Technical specifications

Print area 3000 x 2000 mm (other area optionally)
Clearance Maximum 58 mm
Substrate weight Maximum 400 Kg


Print Heads Maximum 16
Light Cyan, Light Magenta
Varnish(optional not recommend)


Drop size 14 Picoliter
Visual resolution upto 1440 dpi

Print Technology

Piezoelectric inject technology (DOD)
Binary or greyscale

Software / RIP

Output software on integrated PC
Caldera RIP server (Linux or OSX)
Interface (data) Fast Ethernet 1000 Base-T

Ink System

Fill-level display for each individual colour
White feed and maintenance system Fully automated
Low-odour UV-curable links
Optimized for flexible & rigid media
Indoor and outdoor applications
Solvent-free (no VOCs)

Dimensions and Weight

Dimension 3.84 x 4.2 x 1.45
(L x W x H) (optionally other sizes available)
Weight 2400 to 3200 kg
Meets or exceeds
Safety standards industry standards

Installation environment

Power supply 3 x 380 v ± 10%. 50/60 HZ
Power consumption approx. 6 to 8 KVA
Temperature range + 15° C to 24° C
Relative humidity around 69%


Homogenous white

White ink has a well-known tendency for sedimentation. IQDEMY Swiss systems keep it agitated and circulated right down the print nozzles. Reliable print results are always assured, regardless of how often white is actually used.

Targeted suction power

The vacuum system is seamlessly adjustable along the width of the print bed.

Masking is largely unnecessary. Two high powered vacuums enables industrial application and the tandem function.

Vacuum inversion

The IQDEMY Swiss Release button neutralizes the vacuum in no time at all-and the substrate can be removed immediately. Thrust reversal creates an air cushion for effortless handling of heavy media.

Multiple points of origin

The simple, quickly set registration pins are a unique feature. In addition to defining the zero-origin, they also provide additional mechanical attachment points; format-independent, with as many as required to make efficient use of the printing table area.

Excellent quality and durability of eco-friendly printed image.

IQDEMY SWISS is based on a UV-LED technology which allows printing on any flat materials. Since all the energy of such a technology is directed to links curing the printed image is obviously bright and resistant to fading and abrasion. Such customized products of a high quality are in great demand on the market!

Protection of equipment and material from the random damaging .

IQDEMY SWISS lifts material over the surface with the help of the air cushion to move it easily to any point without chips and scratches.

IQDEMY Swiss is developed in Switzerland and stand for precision, long service life and robust quality down to the very last detail.

One for all- all for one

Developed in Switzerland, a rugged construction with attention to detail depending on the configuration, IDQEMY Swiss can print anything from the smallest panels through roll material (optional) to oversize media of any kind. And always with accurate precision. The machines are at the heart of small print providers, the secret weapon of high-end printing houses and vital, integrated members of industrial corporations. There are an ideal models for every production volume. The print bed measuring upto 3 by 2 meters offers more than enough room for the most popular panel formats.

Roll to Roll option

Whether vinyl, tarpaulins, mesh or other roll material, IQDEMY Swiss system can handle them all. And that across the full printing width upto 3.2 meters. Setting up and changing rolls is easy, and once the job is started the machine continues working without supervision.

A well-designed, stable roller system conveys the material across the printing table and winds it up cleanly on the other side. An integrated control system regulates the tension and guarantees a perfect print image every time. When necessary, multiple colour layers can be applied in one pass and are absolutely register-true as a result.


With caldera RIP the IQDEMY Swiss control centre is quite simply versatile, accommodating a comprehensive scope of parameterization. For instance, fine adjustments before and after the RIP process are just as possible as the free positioning of differing or identical images. When the board option is used, the controller determines the ideal moment for clustering and cropping. In summary: the software is a guarantor for seamless and flawless results.

The livespooler, a small supplementary tool, communicates between the RIP station and the output software. This makes workflow continuous and enables the machine operator to maintain a clear overview and keep timing under control. The tool tracks the jobs dispatched from the spooler and provides continuous feedback on the status of each job. The position of each job in the queue is always clear. The liverpooler also keeps track of the number of printed copies, status reports and link reservoir levels.

Step & Repeat

Sophisticated automatic feature to repeat files on page. File is RIPed only once.


Automatically put images on sheets or bolts taking into account optimization of consumption of links and media.

Sign Mark

Place marks on the tiles, add eyelets, stitch, fold or and place margin mark.


Merge, nest, stitch, rotate and combine different file formats, with manual or numeric positioning


Split up documents in various strips for big format jobs.

Super Spooler

Enable to seek all jobs on all printers simultaneously from one central spooler directly or indirectly via internet e.g. stop or start printing, change the order of printing, change the quantity of copies of any jobs in real time mode.

  • Printing on Mirror
  • Printing on Flag
  • Printing on MDF
  • Printing on Froasted Glass
  • Printing on Design Glass
  • Most important, this is only permanent long life solution for glass
  • Printing on Bamboo Curtains

Advanced Industrial Glass Printing (AIGP)

IQDEMY Swiss is the perfect solution for Glass Printing. Glass Printing cannot be practically done by offset and Screen Printing. AIGP allows print on Heavy Glass upto 400 kg and print on mirror and highly polished surfaces without effecting the print heads.

AIGP is a technological innovation printing mechanical design.

  • Printing on Glass

3D Effect

A stunning 3D effect cannot be mastered otherwise.

  • Stained Glass Effect
  • Embossing Effect


Our UV-LED ink is VOC free. They bond on acrylic, glass, wood, wallpapers, mirror, binds, leather, all types of textile, dibond, tarpaulins, plastics [Polycarbonate, polystyrene (rigid foam) PVC, Vinyl films, flexible foam panels] and numerous other media. Suitable materials may be stretched upto 10% after printing without any signs of stress whitening in the colour. Because it is flexible enough. The texture is rich. The colours are vibrant compared to other traditional printing technologies.

Worth seeing from both sides. Apply an image, then a white coating followed by a blockout layer; recap the white coating and apply another image.

Control Panel

  • To control the work of ink pumps, inks level sensors, printer drivers;
  • To control the vacuum value;
  • To control the drives moving;
  • To control the several schemes operation;
  • To show problems of vacuum system, end probe and STOP key etc.

Media diversity

UV-curing inks adhere to acrylic, heavy glass, wood, marble, granite, wallpapers, mirror, blinds, leather, all types of textile, dibond, tarpaulins, plastics [polycarbonate, polystyrene (rigid foam) PVC, Vinyl films, flexible foam panels] anodized aluminium, stainless steel eco friendly cloth banners, normal cotton etc. and numerous other media.

  • Printing on Foam Board
  • Printing on Acrylic Sheet
  • Printing on Tiles
  • Printing on Granite
  • Printing on Canvas
  • Printing on Wood

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