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Hybrid Solvent & Eco Solvent Printer

Dimatix Starfire 1024 Print Head

  • 1024 individually addressable jets
  • Incorporate VersaDropTM binary and grayscale jetting
  • Continuous ink recirculation with RediJetTM
  • Removable / replaceable coated metal nozzle plate

Robust and repairable Construction


GZM -Special Features


A wide range of application solution

With continuous ink recirculation and robust repairable construction, Ditmatix Starfire 1024 print head delivers unparalleled saturation and smooth gradient

GnTek recirculation Solution

GZ Negative pressure recirculation system with Japanese components perfectly plays the advantages of Starfire head, assuring steady ink delivery and minimizing maintenance.

Intelligent QT drying system!

Intelligent QT(Quartz Tube) drying system with industrial power switches could synchronously treat the printing evenly and efficiently. Comared with the traditional glass tube IR drying system, it is more strong and durable espacially during transportation.

More durable and precise body!

Reinforced CNC aluminum beam, dual linear guide and enhanced printing platen assure high speed, high resolution printing and prevents deforming during transportation.

Panasonic A6 Servo System

Panasonic A6 Servo System has higher torque and lower vibration, assuring more stable and precise carriage movement.

GZM Extreme Speed

Item Specification
Model GZM3202SG
Print Head Starfire 1024 - 25PL Starfire 1024 - 10PL
Ink C.M.Y.K solvent/ eco solvent ink
Ink supply system GnTek Negative Pressure Recirculation System
Media Type Frontlit, Backlit, Photo paper, Vinyl, Film......
Media Delivery System Automatic Media Feeding System
Drying system Pre, mid, post and extended heater plus thermal drying system
Printing Speed

Resolution 2 Head 4 Head Resolution 2 Head 4 Head
300 x 400 dpi 1200 Sq/ hr 2400 Sq / hr 600 x 400 1050 Sq/ hr 1900 Sq/ hr
600 x 400 dpi 1050 Sq/ hr 1900 Sq / hr 600 x 600 700 Sq/ hr 700 Sq/ hr
300 x 600 dpi 930 Sq/ hr 1760 Sq / hr 600 x 800 550 Sq/ hr 750 Sq/ hr
600 x 600 dpi 700 Sq/ hr 1340 Sq / hr

300 x 800 dpi 730 Sq / hr 1370 Sq / hr

600 x 800 dpi 550 Sq/ hr 1050 Sq / hr

Data Interface External: USB2.0; Internal: High-speed SCSI
Working Environment Temp.23°C~29°C, Humidity:50%~80%
Software ONYX +GZ control console
Power 50Hz/AC,220V+10% 15A(printer)+15Ax2(thermal drying system)
Installed/ Package Size LxWxH(mm): 4660 x 960 x 1250 I 4930x1150x1690
G.W./N.W. 1345 Kgs / 1115 Kgs.

Specifications are liable to change without prior notice.All trademarks mentioned are property of their respective owners.

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