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Direct-To-Garment Printer

Running Cost Instruction

Direct-To-Garment Printer

Main Features

Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer
  • 1. Double platforms support two garments printing at same time. Dual-garment printing stations is 20% faster than single station.
  • 2. Industrial Level Printing System:

    • Industrial level designed head ensure 3 years+ head life.
    • Build-In ink recirculation and Japanese Degassing systems ensure the continuous printing, and prevent the head from clogging, especially on white color.
    • Driven by up to 110v working voltage, leads to straightly jetting droplet to get good color saturation and sharpness, and ensure the good distance between head and media for head safety.
    • Cleanable and changeable head part technology extremely reduce the maintenance cost of head itself after years running.
  • 3. Infrared print head protection system automatically detects the garment height to prevent the print head scratch.
  • 4. Professional RIP software achieves the most economic and perfect print by different modes on different colors of cloth. It not only saves the ink but also offers more breathable and more comfortable wear.
  • 5. Printing resolution as 1200dpix1200dpi. Dark shirt takes 49seconds printing with white ink background, and white shirt takes 38seconds Up to 60pcs shirts per hour as industrial level output volume.
  • 6. Self-developed specific pigment ink solution not only extremely reduces the running cost, but also is compatible with wider range of fabric such as blending cotton, silicone oil cotton, mercerized cotton, etc. The color fastness reaches to grade 4 of the branding company standard.
Direct-To-Garment Printer
Direct-To-Garment Printer

DTG Printer Specification

Model F2
Printhead Type Drop On Demand Industrial Piezo Head
Colore CMYK+W
Printing Area Support 2x Small Platforms, 2x Middle Platforms, or 1x Big Platform
Ink Type Water Based Pigment Garment Ink
Colore Fasyness Level 4 (Appearance Of The Print After 3 Washing Eveles at 40)
Speed 60 pcs/h
Power Supply 220V 10A
Installed / Package Size LxWxH(mm)2335*2053*1430/2530*2230*1700
G.W./N.W 850kg / 610kg


Model U2
Pray Area Max. 40*50 cm
Installed /Package Size LxWxH(mm)1442*820*640/1540*960*860
G.W./N.W. 110kg / 81kg

Tunnel Dryer Specification

Model P15-Q(Electric) P15-T(Natural Gas)
From Room Temp. To 145 Celsius 12 Minutes 10 Minutes
Power Supply Three Phases380 /415V45KW Natural Gas 2.5kpa
Gas Inlet Diameter G3/4
Motor Power: 380V, 3000W
Power Consumption Peak Power 45KW/H
Rate Power 27KW/H
Peak Gas Consumption 5m³/H
Regular Gas Consumption 2.5-3m³/H
Rate Power 3kw/H
Belt Width 1500mm 1500mm
Belt Speed Adjustable, 3~18Mintues/Round Adjustable, 3~18Mintues/Round
Length Of Drying Zone 4 Meters 4 Meters
Length Of Entry 1.5 Meters 1.5 Meters
Length Of Exit 1.5 Meters 1.5 Meters
Capacity 100~250 pcs/H 100~250 pcs/H
Installed /Package Size LxWxH(mm)7000*2160*1250 /4800*2050*1800 LxWxH(mm)7000*2160*1250 /4800*2050*1800
G.W./N.W. 1500kg / 1350kg 1500kg / 1350kg
Model P09-Q(Electric)
From Room Temp. To 145 Celsius 10 Minutes
Power Supply Three Phases 380/415V 28KW
Power Consumption Peak Power 28KW/H
Rate Power 17KW/H
Belt Width 900 mm
Belt Speed Adjustable, 3~18Mintues/Round
Length Of Drying Zone 3 Meters
Length Of Entry 1.0 Meters
Length Of Exit 1.0 Meters
Capacity 40~100pcs/H
Installed /Package Size LxWxH(mm)5000*1710*1250/3700*1350*1800
G.W./N.W. 900kg / 810kg

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